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We “pear” top talent coaching solutions to both individuals and companies' managers and leaders, and manage all corporate engagements from start to finish while keeping the client informed throughout the entire process. We believe in creating purposeful engagements that provide attainable goals with long lasting results. We offer virtual and in-person coaching options, and partner with the industry's top coaches. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one or group coaching, in-person or virtual format, single-day or year-long assignments, we have highly-qualified, hand-picked coaches waiting to work with you.

It is our mission to find the “pear-fect” coach for anyone who is looking to develop themselves or their employees. For all our clients, individual and corporate alike, we take the time to truly listen to what the unique needs are, and then source, thoroughly vet, and present best options, while guiding you through the process of selecting the one that will best fit your needs. For our corporate clients, we do it all, including tailoring our services to meet your specific needs, regularly checking in with you and the coach to ensure the engagement is progressing well, and are ultimately committed to achieving optimal results.


Pear is Diverse Women-Led

Christina Baker

founder & CEO


Beza W.

co-founder/ head of strategy

Erin A.

co-founder/ head of product

Jenny R.



Christie A.

Business Development Manager,
Growth Lead

Carly R.

Business Development Representative

Our Story


Pear's founders, a group of professional women, each previously served in various leadership and senior support roles. They realized that there was a gap in the learning curve when it came to developing leadership skills. Each of them thrived on becoming better leaders-- did research, read books, took various courses, etc.-- which helped their development to a degree, but the development of the leaders around and above them was still lacking. Working with executive coaches changed everything. Out of a passion to bring these resources to other new, emerging and millennial leaders like themselves, together, they decided to start a business that would not only "pear" excellent coaches with managers hungry for development, but were also dedicated to supporting corporate HR professionals leading management development initiatives by managing the entire process. Best of all, they are diligently striving to incorporate technology into this booming field and are currently working to develop an industry-leading platform to further expand their services.

Our Core Values

Purpose: We believe in creating purposeful engagements that provide attainable goals with long lasting results.

Efficiency: We believe in using innovative tools and processes that improve performance and reduce organizational waste.

Accountability: We believe in hiring and partnering with professional leaders that take ownership of their actions and decisions.

Respect: We believe in creating a safe and transparent space for people to learn and grow.