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PrePEARing Tomorrow's Leaders Programs

Pear is passionate about bringing leadership development and training to emerging and high-potential leaders and teams, as well as first-time managers.

Senior Pear Coach,
Suzanne B. (PCC), designed and facilitates the exclusive programs and courses listed below, geared towards organization's teams. A leader in the coaching community, she brings over 20 years of experience in executive, career and productivity coaching, corporate soft skills, management training and human resource development.  

All Pear programs and courses are customizable, based on the unique needs of your organization, and can be delivered via live classroom, webinar or blended formats.

Core First-Time Managers Training Program:

This 8-hour management training program is designed to prepare first-time and middle-managers to leverage their strengths and build fundamental management skills.

Sessions Include:

Additional Courses Available (as Add-Ons or Separately):

Managing Remote Teams Course

Best practices and methods for helping managers and their teams be as effective and productive as possible in the virtual environment. Post-Pandemic Exclusive

Leadership & Speaking Skills Course

Through exercises and skill building, participants will learn to increase communication effectiveness, confident presence and have ease with public speaking.

Do It or Delegate It Course

Participants learn to increase their ability to delegate non-essential tasks so time can be focused on more strategic planning and pressing priorities.

Integrating 5 Generations Course

Participants learn to recognize and proactively respond to the diverse beliefs, values and attitudes of the five generations in the workplace.

Behavioral Interviewing Course

Participants learn to enhance their current interviewing skills and ask the best probing questions to evaluate each candidate’s true potential.

Managerial Conflict Resolution Course

Participants learn to recognize and adapt their natural conflict resolution style for more effective conflict management.

Joint Problem-Solving Strategies Course

Participants acquire the tools necessary to bridge the gaps between two or more differing perspectives, increasing capacity for collaboration and innovative problem-solving.

Team & Group Coaching

We have a highly successful cadre of coaches who can design team programs, courses, workshops or trainings specifically for your organization's needs. Contact us today for more information!


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